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We, at SoulGenie Health Pathways LLP,  provide unique products in the area of natural health, yoga & meditation. We provide suitable options to big as well as smaller Importers from all around the world for their requirements.

SoulGenie Health Pathways LLP has ideally blended the traditional science with modern scientific processes to present high quality and effective products for all markets. Being located in India, we are able to produce such goods at most economical costs for our customers around the world.

Our Products Range includes the Stainless Steel Neti Pot, Enema Kits, Meditation Mala Beads, Yoga Bags, Yoga Straps etc. For our growing products range, Click here.

 Our Hot Products...
The Neti pot is the only real tool to practise Neti (Jalaneti). Know More...
The Enema Kit is the only real tool to clean your colon. Know More...
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